The prices of the offered items are given in Euros, and the auction is also conducted in the same currency, while the receipt is issued in Croatian Kunas on the day of the auction according to the middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank.


0010. Radoslav Lopašić: Oko Kupe i Korane
40.00€ Ex Tax: 40.00€

Geographical and historical sketches. With twenty-three pictures and one map. Complemented by Emilij..

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0011.Baptista Du Hamel: Biblia Sacra Vulgatae editionis Sixti V. & Clementis VIII, Pars II
370.00€ Ex Tax: 370.00€

Damage to the edges of the scabbard and ridge. From the Prophet Isaiah to the end of the New Testame..

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0019. Niccolai, Alfonso: Memorie storiche Di s. Biagio Vescovo e Martire protettore della Republbica Di Ragusa
300.00€ Ex Tax: 300.00€

Historical memories of the bishop and martyr St. Blaž (Vlaho), protector of the Republic of Dubrovni..

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0021. Gjuro Daničić, Vuk Stefanović Karadžić: Sveto Pismo Staroga i Novoga Zavjeta
60.00€ Ex Tax: 60.00€

The New Testament was printed in 1904, a revised edition, with 4 maps attached, excellently preserve..

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0031. Franz Palacky:Oesterreichs Staatsidee
60.00€ Ex Tax: 60.00€

František Palacký was a Czech historian and politician, the most influential figure in the Czech nat..

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0032. Maude M. Holbach: Dalmatia; The Land Where East Meets West
70.00€ Ex Tax: 70.00€

Dalmatia; The country where the east meets the west is the second book of Maude M. Holbach's travels..

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0059. Prešernove poezije
20.00€ Ex Tax: 20.00€

Edited by A. Aškerc. Second edition. Nice leather binding, back and edges in gold print...

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0068. Dalibor Martinis: Autoportret Dalibora Martinisa (1975-77.)
120.00€ Ex Tax: 120.00€

Self-portrait of Dalibor Martinis from May 1977. This is a poster and an 8-page catalog for the exhi..

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