The prices of the offered items are given in Euros, and the auction is also conducted in the same currency, while the receipt is issued in Croatian Kunas on the day of the auction according to the middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank.


0234. Ljudevit Griesbach: Uputa u fotografiju sa cjenikom
25.00€ Ex Tax: 25.00€

The book is among the first photography manuals for amateurs. In the first part, in addition to inst..

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0251. Foto-razglednica Ive Robića
15.00€ Ex Tax: 15.00€

Signed photo-postcard of Ivo Robić, a music legend, who gained fame all over the world. It was Robić..

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0252. Foto-razglednica Dragutin Šurbek
15.00€ Ex Tax: 15.00€

  Photo-postcard of the multiple world champion in table tennis, made during the winning o..

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0253. Tošo Dabac: Fotografija Mesničke ulice u Zagrebu
160.00€ Ex Tax: 160.00€

A photo of Mesnička Street from the Zagreb cycle of the '50s and' 60s, by our most famous photograph..

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