The prices of the offered items are given in Euros, and the auction is also conducted in the same currency, while the receipt is issued in Croatian Kunas on the day of the auction according to the middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank.


013. Reklama za Astra cipele
40.00€ Ex Tax: 40.00€

The advertisement has movable parts, so that by pulling (pulling out) the card downwards, the clown'..

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082. Branislav Glumac / Zlatko Šimunović: Mapa (45 ljubavnih pjesma / 12 grafičkih listova)
80.00€ Ex Tax: 80.00€

The folder is numbered 140/200. "We printed the map by hand in the painting studio of Z. Šimunović. ..

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104. Cornelio Zustovich de Giusti: Grafika (bakropis)– „Canale della Fiumara“
80.00€ Ex Tax: 80.00€

Cornelio Zustovich de Giusti is one of the few people from Fijum who devoted himself to graphics (co..

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